The Ekolabos laboratory offers testing of circulating hot water and water supplying water-tube and flame-tube boilers. The tests are carried out in accordance with the requirements of PN-EN 12953-10, PN-C-04601: 1985 and the manufacturers’ requirements. We provide sampling throughout the country.

Examples of hot water analyzes performed at Ekolabos:

Conductivity at 25oC

PH value at 25oC

Total hardness (Ca + Mg)

Iron content (Fe)

Copper content (Cu)

Silica content (SiO2)

Oxygen content (O2)

Acid capacity

Phosphates (PO4)

Oxidability with KMnO4 (Permanganate index)

For an offer for hot water testing, please contact our Customer Service Office: +48 71 738 20 25