The Ekolabos laboratory offers water testing for Legionella in all types of collective accommodation. We serve all of Poland. We provide


access of a qualified sampler and sampling in accordance with applicable standards.

Legal Requirements

In accordance with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the quality of water intended for human consumption of March 29, 2007, domestic hot water should be tested for the presence of Legionella in all collective accommodation facilities (hotels, guesthouses, nursing homes, hospitals, etc.). The frequency of tests depends on the degree of population of the water system. The level of infection not exceeding 100 cfu / 100 ml is considered safe.

Badanie wody Legionella

Legionella pneumophila is gram-negative, ciliated oxygen rods. Legionella bacteria easily multiply in stagnant water tanks and technological water systems. They often colonize domestic hot water installations, especially in places with low water consumption. Legionella infection occurs as a result of inhaling a water spray, therefore all kinds of showers, showers, hot tubs, jacuzzis and cooling towers are places of increased risk.

Legionella’s high chlorine resistance is due to its ability to form a mucilaginous coat outside the cell membrane. A characteristic feature of bacteria is fluorescence under UV light. Testing the water for Legionella takes up to 10 days. The determination is made by membrane filtration.

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