storage research, validity

food safety throughout the entire period of its presence on the market, i.e. from production to purchase by the consumer, without endangering the consumer against the dangers resulting from the deterioration of the microbiological and physicochemical quality of the product during its shelf-life. According to Regulation (EC) 178/2002, hazardous food may not be marketed.

Product durability

The shelf life of a food product may depend on many factors such as type, origin, production methods, preservation method. Physical, chemical or microbiological changes in the product may deteriorate its quality, thus posing a threat to the consumer.

Factors Affecting Product Durability

  • growth of microorganisms: bacteria, mold and yeast

  • water gain or loss,

  • chemical reactions that may cause foreign odors, color changes (e.g. browning), loss of desired nutrients,

  • light,

  • storage temperature

Storage Research

Determining or confirming the expiry date of a food product is made on the basis of the storage research. These studies consist in analyzing the product at appropriate intervals and comparing the results to the baseline values, i.e. to the results obtained before the start of the study. The analysis covers mainly the microbiological purity of the product, its physico-chemical properties and organoleptic features. The scope of the research requires individual development for each of the products. The main factors that may affect the durability of a given product include: water activity, influence of light, temperature, water loss, development of microflora.

Ekolabos Laboratory offers storage tests for products with a short shelf life and Accelerated Shelf-life Test for long products. durability.


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