Our laboratory offers water testing for Sanepid, Building Supervision and also for the needs of MPWiK. We offer microbiological and physicochemical analyzes. We provide access and sampling.

Laboratory approval

In accordance with the Act on collective water supply, the State Sanitary Inspection authorizes laboratories to collect and test drinking water by issuing appropriate Approval. Only laboratories approved by PPIS can issue test results that will be recognized by Sanepid.

Approval is issued on the basis of the PCA accreditation certificate or laboratory documentation confirming that the quality of the tests is ensured. Approval is given at the request of the laboratory. PCA-accredited laboratories also have to apply for Sanepid Approval every year.

Testing the water for the Sanepid

The Ekolabos Laboratory has had the Sanepid Approval for many years and is therefore authorized to collect and test water intended for consumption by people for the needs of Sanepid.

For the offer of water tests for Sanepid, please contact our Customer Service Office at 71 738 20 25 or biuro@ekolabos.pl