We perform water testing for the needs of Sanepid and Construction Supervision.

water test for sanepidu

We offer tests in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Health on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

We perform physicochemical and microbiological tests of water, including Legionella.

According to the above-mentioned By the regulation of December 7, 2017, the presence of Legionella bacteria should be tested in collective accommodation buildings and in closed health care facilities.

The implemented water quality system has been approved by the territorially competent State Sanitary Inspector, which entitles our laboratory to take samples and test water intended for human consumption.
Tests and sampling are carried out in accordance with Polish standards.

We also carry out microbiological purity tests of water in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia.

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Microbiological water testing

The microbiological test includes the determination of the amount of pathogenic bacteria such as coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, enterococci, Clostridium perfringens, Pseudomonas aeruginosa et al. as well as the total number of microorganisms. Such an analysis is most often performed for the purposes of water quality control in mass catering facilities and the like. Periodic water testing is one of the components of any HACCP system. The results of the water test are also checked during the Sanepid inspection and also before receiving the premises.

Physicochemical examination

The physicochemical analysis of water includes water contamination indicator parameters such as pH, conductivity, hardness, turbidity, iron, manganese and many other. In the case of tap water, the physicochemical test may reveal secondary water pollution, e.g. from the transmission network. The result of the study of water from the well allows you to choose the appropriate water treatment technology.

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