Testing the nutritional value of food is one of the basic obligations of food producers pursuant to the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council(UE) nr


1169/2011 z dnia 25 października 2011 roku w sprawie przekazywania konsumentom informacji na temat żywności.

Nutritional value study

According to the Regulation, each food product must have the following information on the label:

– energy value

– protein

– fat

– saturated fatty acids

– carbohydrates

– sugars

– salt

Nutrition Test Orders

Food samples for testing can be delivered in person to the laboratory or sent by courier. For products stored in refrigerated conditions, we provide containers for transport in ice. You can also order a laboratory sampler to collect samples according to the laboratory procedure.

For a food test offer, please contact our Customer Service at 22 379 25 20 or biuro@ekolabos.pl