Antibacterial materials and coatings are increasingly used in the medical, food and veterinary industries. The incorporation of a factor limiting the growth of microorganisms into a material, paint or other coating allows its properties, structure or appearance to be maintained. It protects coated surfaces against the unfavorable influence of microorganisms or minimizes the risk of spreading infections.

We offer testing of antibacterial and antifungal properties:

paints, varnishes, plasters, primers

silicone, nitrile and other coatings


polyethylene, polyamide, polymers

glass, ceramic and metal surfaces

We perform tests according to European standards. Depending on the target market for the product, we can also perform research based on Japanese or American standards. farby antybakteryjne

ASTM D7907 – Examination of bactericidal activity of medical glove surfaces.

PN-EN ISO 846: 2002 – Assessment of the action of microorganisms on plastics

PN EN ISO 16187 – Footwear and footwear components – Antimicrobial assessment test method

ASTM E2180 – Evaluation of the effectiveness of antimicrobial agents embedded in hydrophobic or polymeric materials

JIS Z 2801: 2010 – Antibacterial Products – Antibacterial Efficacy Test

PN-EN ISO 20645: 2006 – Flat Textile Products – Determination of antibacterial activity

For an offer for testing the antibacterial and antifungal properties of paints and other materials, please contact our Customer Service Office at : 22 397 25 20 or